value and community
for future of finance + wealth

Prohaus Capital is a micro private equity investment firm
with a strategic focus on inclusive and equitable financial
services and alternative assets.

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We are a team of operators, innovators, marketers, and financial sponsors whose intent is to make a transformational impact on the future of private equity, digital assets, and real assets. We serve as a global ecosystem and growth platform to empower founders, teams, and partners to add value in order to achieve long-term, sustainable success. Resilient founders and companies can access liquidity and operational expertise with the support of our decentralized autonomous community of value collaborators. Our portfolio assets utilize decentralized and distributed governance structures that enable our core team to equally distribute decision making while leveraging social, production, and financial capital.

Mission & Values

We’re on a mission to bring transformational change and prove the future of private equity can be equitable and have transparency with new models for governance. We pride ourselves on fostering a culture for financial innovation and inclusion utilizing foundational principles— transparency, integrity, authenticity, and accountability. The success of our core team and communities heavily relies on each member maintaining an ethical way of thinking by knowing, being, and doing.

Knowing. You must know — yourself and other’s differences to transform change.
Being. You must be — principled, equitable, empathic, and inclusive.
Doing. You must act — make contributions, consistently and in a net-positive way.


We take a majority equity interest across multiple alternative asset classes:
Digital Assets – Fintech SaaS, Web3 Dapps (+ DeFi), NFTs, Cryptocurrency, Domains, Patents
Real Assets – Real Estate, Collectibles


We help founders and asset owners materialize their wealth through acquisition.

We prefer digital assets to be operational and profitable for at least 2 years with an annual profit of $100k – $10MM. We give founders the option to sell and move on with life events and/or other projects. For real assets, we look at the asset’s history, quality, and perform extensive due diligence.

Growth Partner

Through majority ownership we provide strategic capital and a growth platform designed to leverage invaluable access to a principled community of value generators.

We work extensively with founders and give them the flexibility to remain involved to the level they wish, giving them the flexibility to take a less demanding role, take a break to enjoy life, and later buyback ownership.

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Build with us

We invite operators, innovators, builders, and connectors to join the community and collaborate to earn economic and ownership rewards for actively contributing towards inclusive fintech and DeFi projects and participating in equitable governance, i.e. proposing ideas, voting, and due diligence. Members are rewarded with Prohaus $HAUS tokens.

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We’re on a mission to bring transformational change and prove the future of private equity can be equitable and have transparency with new models for governance. We’ve launched our first investment DAO and invite institutional and accredited investors to join our working group or register your interest in acquiring digital and real assets to better help our community build the future of finance.

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