Empowering resilient
financial infrastructure

Prohaus Capital is a decentralized autonomous private investment firm
that acquires financial, digital and real assets to accelerate
value creation across Web 3.0 and decentralized finance.

Prohaus DAO is building a model to evolve investing, removing
centralized leadership where economic and ownership power,
is governed by the stakeholder community.

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Prohaus is committed to shaping the future of private equity, ushering in a new era of alpha driven stakeholders with the decentralization of governance, economics, and ownership.

Alpha-Driven Stakeholder Economy

Private equity has traditionally been the go-to asset class for job creation, economic and infrastructure development. However there’s mounting pressure to evolve and make fundamental changes to address today’s societal and technological demands, and enable new capabilities we believe will lead to tremendous value creation. These include automated trust, social values, and technology culture.

Lack of trust and transparency across financial and operational controls are a major criticism from employees, investors and governments. The automation of workflows can help establish transparency in behaviors and decisions can help rebuild trust and have real impact for stakeholders.

We anticipate new security controls are on the horizon with data, privacy, and cybersecurity mandates to protect how people work and communicate. DEI, ESG and climate change are essential social value standards that investors can leverage for alpha in tandem with a balanced belief system.

Historically, PE has been the go-to asset class for job creation, economic growth and infrastructure development. The overuse of excessive valuations and bailouts, once the golden standard have drawn major criticism from key stakeholders (employees, investors and governments). Adaptability to these mandates are slow pace for traditional investment firms, largely due to complex investment mandates.

We believe changes and innovations will continue to take place rapidly at the lowest level of the investment value chain with the rise of lower middle market portfolios managed by smaller, tech enabled teams who have the flexibility to adopt new mandates, are less resistant to change, and can better optimize underutilized social, financial and production capital.

Profit over people, once the golden standard, has long been a zero sum game. Historically investors and board members, the gated few have achieved record breaking gains but at the expense of human capital or stakeholders. The breakdown in the value chain with employees being overworked, losing jobs, homes, and health.

Over the long term, we envision the equitable distribution of power and wealth across the investment value chain to help alleviate imbalances due to centralized governance. With the removal of traditional board structures, the future of work will be remote, flexible, and self-regulated with stakeholders making key business decisions with the use of community governance.

We believe that the evolution of corporate governance and value creation has the potential to impact people and economies in new ways, and we are honored to support the transformation of private equity and stakeholder capital.

Prohaus DAO

We are building a trusted network of stakeholders supporting the financial and social value of our portfolio of financial, digital and real assets. The stakeholders are members and managers of the DAO, replacing the traditional general partner, limited partner, and board structure.

We invite value creators and capital partners to become a Prohaus stakeholder.

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